UBAK Permit Certificate Assessment List for 2010 year was published!

Assessment list for UBAK Permit Certificate was published in consequence of the assessments carried according to the Directive on Principles of UBAK Permit Certificate for 2010. As known, it was announced that this year the companies holding L2 and M3 authorization certificate would be assessed.

The companies entitled to receive UBAK permit certificate should make their applications until the end of working hours of 11.12.2009 for the exchange transactions to be carried among themselves according to (h) clause of Article 9 of the Directive.

The Transporters may carry exchange transactions when approved by General Directorate after filing their written applications with the Ministry to exchange one Permit Certificate with at most two Permit Certificates reciprocally before they take over their permit certificates and within December which they are entitled to receive with different scopes.  For exchange transactions of Group companies to be made between their companies the condition” at most Two Permit Certificate for One Permit Certificate” shall not apply.  In addition, for the Permit Certificated to be obtained by means of exchange the compliance with c, d, and e paragraphs of Article 9 of the Directive on the Principles of Distribution of Ubak Permit Certificates should be sought for. Exchange operations cannot be carried after taking over the Permit Certificates. 

Please remember that tha applications filed for exchange after that date will not be taken into assessment.

No 2009 Belge
Ücreti TL
2010 Belge
Ücreti TL
1  Valid in all UBAK Member Countries
2  Invalid for Austria
3  Invalid for Austria and Greece
4 Invalid for Austria and Greece and Italy
5  Invalid for Austria , Greece, Italy, and Hungary

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